Barangay Ordinances

Barangay Appropriation Ordinance No. 8


Section 1: Source of Fund

The following income as indicated here of here by declared as source of funds particularly the tax revenue and operating and miscellaneous income, which are realistic and probable to be collected and remitted to the local treasury, necessary to finance the delivery of basic services and implementation of priority development of Barangay Bagong Silang from January one to December thirty, year 2014 and except otherwise specifically provided here in.

  Barangay Expenditure Program

Section 2: Appropriation of Funds

The following sums or so much thereof as maybe necessary are here by appropriated out of tax revenue and operating miscellaneous Income and any unexpended balances thereof in the local treasury of the barangay not otherwise appropriated or basic services and delivery implementation of priority development project.

Section 3 :General Provisions

      The following policies are authorized for the fiscal year:

        A.      Income from operating and miscellaneous Fees shall be collected at maximum collection efficiency .

        B.     Priority in the use of income shall be for budgetary requirements as mandated by the local code.

        C.     Strict compliances to the 55 percent personal services limitation shall be observe.

        D.     Priority in the use of savings shall be for basic services, Augmentation of development projects and other mandatory expenses provided under the local code.

        E.       All procurement shall be strictly for the provisions of R.A 9184.