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            We are glad to share with you the fruits of our labor, the results of the projects we have worked on for this year with the unwavering help and support of our Barangay Kagawad, Barangay Tanods, and Multi-Sectoral Groups.

            Every part of this report has been very carefully gathered and made sure of its accuracy.

            Inside is a detailed report of the programs we have carried out and our accomplishments beginning from the start of this year which we have deliberately organized for you to more easily understand its contents. However, much to my regret, this is not a full proof account for some of the accomplishments are not reflected here because they were not properly documented.

            Through this compilation, I hope to impart to everyone the notion that running a government can be both a Herculean task and an enjoyable ride at the same time.

            I hope that you learned from the information attached herewith and put these information to good use.

            To my associates in the government, I commend you for the efforts you have put to make this book possible. Let’s strive to continue improving the quality of governance of our barangay.

            Mabuhay Tayong Lahat!